Ruby M Hwang, ACSW #103200
Supervised by Amanda Cline, LMFT #125647
Alex Kropf, AMFT #132593
Supervised by Jennifer Walker, LMFT #88540


The Artist’s Way is a 12-week program based on the timeless book of the same name by Julia Cameron.

This program is designed to help unlock & unblock your inner artist while living out the fullest expression of your creative spirit.
So exciting!

From here, you might respond one of two ways —

“But I’m not an artist.”

This program is for painters, poets, potters, authors, musicians, the list goes on. And it’s also for anyone looking to live a more creative life.

Whether you’re a (blocked/former/childhood) artist looking for inspiration or you’re just yearning for more artistic expression in your life, over the course of 12 weeks you’ll learn to find joy in your creative process again. Your inner artist might want to find more vibrant language when sending work emails or try a unique route at the bouldering gym. A creative life doesn't look the same for everyone, and what a wonderful thing that is.

“I’ve already done the program before.”

Great! You’d have so much to offer the group.

Every time we re-engage with past material, we find something new in it because we ourselves have changed.

Maybe you paced your way through the 12 weeks on your own. You’re invited to try it in a new setting, in community with others.


This group is for you if:

  • There’s a deep yearning in your heart to live a more creative life
  • The flyer caught your interest and you want to try something new
  • You’ve heard or read about The Artist’s Way and you’re curious
  • It’s been challenging or daunting for you to complete the 12 weeks on your own
  • You feel blocked or stuck in your creative process
There’s a piece of work you really want to bring to life
  • Something inside you feels ready to transform

Still want to know more about The Artist's Way? Check out this NPR article.

In this workshop, you will receive:

  • 12 weeks of loving accountability
  • A community of local creatives to connect with
  • Step-by-step support to unblock your inner artist
  • A supportive space to discuss inspiration and blocks
  • Guidance through the process by two holistic therapists

Fall cohort now enrolling.
Questions? You can email us at [email protected]


Limited to 10 participants.
Cost: $35/week
5 reduced rate slots available

Reduced rate: $25/week (if cost is a barrier, please reach out at [email protected])

Please be mindful to select the pay scale that is realistically within your financial means. This container is limited to 10 participants so integrity in paying the full rate allows others to access the course as well.