I'm Ruby Minji Hwang, ACSW #103200
Pre-licensed Clinician

Supervised by Ashleigh Sorenson, LMFT #88863

[email protected] | 909-345-0116


Specialties: somatic work, self-compassion, personal growth, boundaries, codependence to interdependence, trauma & complex trauma (CPTSD), family dynamics, generational healing, immigration, spirituality, identity exploration

I believe that you are your most powerful healer. This work is just a vessel, allowing the wisdom of your inner guidance to rise to the surface through a supportive container.

By leaning into collaboration and curiosity, I invite a gentle deepening into the therapeutic work.

Having migrated from South Korea at a young age, it took me several years of journeying to learn how to weave my cultural identities into a patchwork that feels authentically mine. I graduated from the Columbia School of Social Work in 2021 with an emphasis on clinical practice with over five years of experience in service work and case management. I have also studied with healers and medicine women from various traditions. Within the therapy space, I integrate my years of personal and professional journeying through the lens of Eastern philosophy, depth work, earth-based wisdom, and somatic healing.

Following contemporary research on attachment theory, along with cultural wisdom around the world, my approach centers interdependence — the not-so-novel idea that we need one another. Through connection comes an economy of reciprocity and abundance.

"The currency in a gift economy is relationship, which is expressed as gratitude, as interdependence and the ongoing cycles of reciprocity." -Robin Wall Kimmerer

A significant portion of my work has been with People of the Global Majority — specifically Asian American & South Asian, Black & Indigenous, Latine, Southwest Asian & North African (SWANA), and multiracial populations — as well as those of LGBTQIA2S+ experience. But my work is open to all on the path to self-discovery. I particularly love working with creatives, college students, women & femmes, and young adults.

When I'm not practicing therapy, I enjoy writing, surfing, hiking, gardening, contemplating the phases of the moon, and reading high-fantasy novels.

If you're interested in working together, I offer free 15-minute phone consultations.

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