Music + Mental Health : Positivity/Motivation

music + mental health

Welcome to Music + Mental Health! We are two therapists wanting to bring awareness of mental health by sharing music and discussing music’s impact on our psychology and well-being.

In this episode, we talk about positivity and motivation and share songs that feel relevant to this topic. We all have positive influences on our lives or at some point experienced a surge of motivation; that feeling you get when you just take care of business, handle it, or push through. Motivation helps us follow through with something that is important to us or needs to be done. Positivity helps us see the good in situations, experiences, in others, and in ourselves. With motivation and positivity, however, there can be a shadow side to both. It’s important to check in and ask ourselves, “What is our purpose (motivation) for doing this task/being this way?” Sometimes we’re motivated by fear and want to avoid conflict; sometimes we are motivated by our something within us that says “This matters to me”.

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