Is it okay to also be okay?

I’ve been thinking about the social media reminders lately that “it’s okay to not be okay”. While this is 100% true and I don’t believe we need to be okay all the time, or pretend to be okay, it’s actually okay to be okay.

For some, especially those who have lived through trauma, “being okay” might feel kind of weird or scary, like uncharted territory. What does it mean to be okay? If I’m okay, my defenses may come down a bit, and that might feel pretty threatening or vulnerable.

As humans, we long for security and trusting connection with other human animals (or animal animals!) and, simultaneously, relationships have been hurtful, toxic, abusive, inconsistent, abandoning, or neglectful.

So, I invite you to explore where you feel a sense of comfort, safety, or groundedness in your body or in your outer world. Can you imagine what “being okay” looks and feels like? With whom do you feel actually okay with? How can you begin to cultivate security, exploration, curiosity, fun, creativity, spontaneity, or breathing room into your life?

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