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Inner Child Intensive

Hi! I’m Ashleigh, trauma specialist and childhood trauma survivor.  I am a psychotherapist and the director of Psyche and Soma Psychotherapy Group in Fullerton, CA.  The effects of abuse and neglect can have a lasting impact on us if we don’t learn, as adults, to care for both our adult self and our inner child. 

Working with adult survivors of childhood abuse and emotional neglect is my biggest passion and I’m here to share some exciting news!  I am now offering 1-day Inner Child intensives for individuals who are ready to reconnect with and nurture younger parts of themselves that have been forgotten, abandoned, shamed, and mistreated.

Traumatic early life events, without the proper supports, can do a number on our self image, our relationships, our purpose, our vocation, our psyche, and our soul. 

It can lead to experiences of anxiety, depression, deep shame, hopelessness, perfectionism, explosiveness, people-pleasing, trying to meet others’ needs while ignoring our own, impulsivity, loneliness, sorrow, and living in constant survival mode.

In this 1-day Inner Child Intensive, we will work together for 6 hours (we’ll even have lunch together!)  During our time together, we are going to roll up our sleeves and gently do the work of tending to young parts of your Self.

We are going to be curious about things that were not allowed or acknowledge often enough.  We are going to make room for any feelings, thoughts, or sensations that occur in our time together.  You are going to learn to be the protective, loving, playful, and trust-worthy adult you’ve always needed. 

You may grieve the childhood that was never received.  We may question family roles and rules and see how they do or don’t fit into your life now.  We will explore the ways intergenerational trauma impacts your life today and how you can choose to live differently than your ancestors. We will explore how societal, culture, and political systems impact you and your family-of-origin. 

We will also incorporate body-informed exercises to help increase a well-rounded awareness of one’s self and connect with your own inner knowing, your own Inner Parent.

Want to learn more and how to apply? Click HERE.