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Hey, moms + stepmoms of teens ages 14-18! Are you feeling lost, burned out, or a little chaotic during these teenage years? If so, we've got a place for your to be supported, refill your cup, and make sense of what is happening emotionally and physically for your teen.

This group is likely a good fit for you if:
-you're a mom or stepmom of a 14-18 year old
-you are looking to make time for your own self care
-you want to be part of a group of moms who GET IT
-you love your kid a whole lot and find there are unique challenges right now
-you want the convenience of meeting virtually with an intimate group of other moms, once a week, for eight weeks.

Amanda Cline, AMFT has created this group because she sees how hard moms of teens have it.  It's a lot of work! She sees how these years, for both parents and teens, are opportunities for growth but they also come with a ton of stress and conflict.

Contact Amanda Cline today to reserve your spot!  There is room for 8 moms needing a holding space for support, connection, and increased understanding.

8-week group begins Tuesday, 3/23
6:30-7:30pm PST
Open to all California residents
*This is a closed group in order to keep an intimate and connected space for clients.

[email protected] | 619-363-2502

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