Happy Birthday to My Private Practice Baby!

For 2 ½ years of my life, I worked at a 40-hour job, saw a few clients in a group private practice, and started a solo private practice.  It was A LOT but they were all stepping stones to where I am now. It has been a year since I left a full-time, secure therapist…

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How Healers Can Help in the Up-rise of Exposed Sexual Trauma

Sexual trauma photo header

Happy Winter Solstice!  I had plans to only discuss the symbolism of the winter solstice and how it relates to our psychological nature in this blog post, but I feel the need to also discuss something that is more of a pressing issue. As I’ve been reflecting on the year and how my practice has…

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Holiday Stress is Abundant!

holiday stress header image

The holidays are here.  Where has the year gone?!  Everywhere we go, we are reminded of these yearly events.  Retail stores, homes, neighborhoods, radio stations, businesses, advertisements, TV shows, and grocery stores. Notice what the word “holidays” evokes within you.  Does it bring excitement and joy?  Anxiety and depression?  Maybe a mix of contradicting feelings…

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Growth is a painful and necessary process.


I’ve been reading a lot more lately and I’m pretty sure it’s because of the cooler weather and sparkly lights everywhere that have got me in a cozier mood.  For me, there is nothing like curling up with a book and a hot cup of tea or coffee and enjoying the silence and the ambiance…

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How to Take Care When Trauma Impacts Our Ability to Trust

Trust is one of our most basic needs as an animal species.  From even before the moment we exit our mother’s womb, we rely on our first and primary caregivers to meet our needs.  We expect to be kept physically and emotionally safe, we expect to be provided with food, shelter, and warmth.  Not consciously,…

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