Is it okay to also be okay?

I’ve been thinking about the social media reminders lately that “it’s okay to not be okay”. While this is 100% true and I don’t believe we need to be okay all the time, or pretend to be okay, it’s actually okay to be okay. For some, especially those who have lived through trauma, “being okay”…

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Session 1 – Intro to Trauma Series

Welcome to our Intro to Trauma video series! Here, we’ll discuss various trauma-related topics such as stress responses, self-care, types of trauma, and healing! We would love for our followers to join in on the conversations we share here! We hope that these videos can be resources to all humans. Please remember, while all clinicians…

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How Healers Can Help in the Up-rise of Exposed Sexual Trauma

Sexual trauma photo header

Happy Winter Solstice!  I had plans to only discuss the symbolism of the winter solstice and how it relates to our psychological nature in this blog post, but I feel the need to also discuss something that is more of a pressing issue. As I’ve been reflecting on the year and how my practice has…

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